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Chicken Wire Ghost Girl

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I finally bit the bullet and tried my hand at making a chicken wire ghost this Halloween. I read one tutorial where the lady said she made hers in an hour and a half. Boy, I envy her. I'd say I spent 25 hours or more on mine, making all of the different body parts and then putting them all together. That's what I get for trying to copy a ghost made by an artist, instead of just doing something easier. Plus I did it all without gloves, so my hands looked like I was caught in a in a cat fight every day for a few weeks.
Overall, I think she turned out pretty good. I'd like to make another one sometime.
I may use her for Christmas, too. Put her out with my Ebenezer Scrooge tombstone and she can be the Ghost of Christmas past. LOL

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Thanks annamary ! Actually, her face is made of an aluminum screening material. (Like window screen, but metal.) I had some laying around and decided to use it to give more definition to her face.
So you can kind of get some idea how the whole ghost would look using that.
That is, if it's the same material you're talking about.
Thanks a lot, Halloween Lady!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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