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cheap and easy
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(I will do a video when I get the chance)

Things you will need

1. Wire Cutter (just about any will do)

2. 2 Rolls of Chicken Wire 1 inch holes
2a. 24 inches length (25ft roll is around $9-$11 at Lowes)
2b. 36 inches in length (25ft roll is around $15 at Lowes)

If you don't want to buy two different size rolls you can make the body out of either size...just have to cut more and a few more minutes of time.
You can make 3 bodies out of one 25ft roll or 6 maybe 7 if you buy both.

DO NOT GET THE 2 INCH HOLE it is too flimsy


Making a arm
use the 24 inch wire for the arm it's almost a perfect size for arm and shoulder

a. Roll out a few feet of wire from the roll (it will want to roll back so put something on the wire to stop it...any weight will work)
b. Now roll the wire from the end back on it's self till you get the size of arm you want. Remember to make it from the largest part of the arm you can shape the wrist and forearm

c. Use the wire cutter to cut the wire all the way across. I cut at the middle of the hole

d. Now you need to fold the pointed ends of the chicken wire over on the other end to hold it together over lapping to shape the wrist and forearm. This is why I cut in the middle of the hole...it leave a 1/2 wire to fold over. You twist the wire over and try to get the pointed end in facing the inside. This picture isn't clear but if you look at the torso picture you will see what I'm talking about.

Making The Torso
use the 24 inch wire

a. follow the same steps for the arm with the only difference..the torso will be a flatter shape so once you roll it out press it down and it will spread out

This is how the pointed ends should look, facing the inside so you and the clothes don't get hung on them

Making the Leg
use the 36 inch wire for the leg again it's the perfect size for a leg...ankle to the waist.

a. follow the same steps for the arm and make sure to roll out enough for the larger part of the leg

Optional 24 inch wire to make the leg

a. you will need two sections of the 24 inch wire one for the ankle and calf and one for the thigh
b. After cutting and forming both the bottom and top part of the leg slide the lower part into the thigh part of the leg till you get about 36 inches.
c. next cut some of the ends on either the parts and connect the two together

In this picture I used 24 inch wire to make my leg (out of 36 inch) and you can see where I joined them together

One advantage over the two piece leg it's a little easier to bend them.


cheap and easy
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Joining the parts together

It depends on how you are using the prop...in this how to my prop was kneeling and moving and didn't need the support of a whole PVC frame but the ideal is the same with or without a PVC frame.

a. connect the arms to the torso two way
1. with tie backs
2. chicken wire to chicken wire.

b if using a PVC frame do the same for the legs by sliding it over the PVC and connecting to bottom of torso (sorry no picture but will take one when I make another). If not using a frame I usually dress the legs then connect


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Thanks for the great tutorial. Looks pretty straight forward. Especially the legs made out of the two pieces if bending. I made a couple props last year but didn't try the chicken wire body part. I just used a pvc frame. Things were dark and them being annorexic did not matter to me.

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Madmax, your guy looks fantastic and the tut is great. I just picture myself all wrapped up in chicken wire and no one to hear my cries for help! Lol.
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