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Are you a Home Haunter / Halloween Enthusiast in the Northern Illinois / Greater Chicagoland area looking to meet up with other Home Haunters / Halloween Enthusiasts? If so, you are invited to check out and join a Chicago Haunt Builders - A Halloween Make and Take / Home Haunter group in the Chicagoland area. We get together throughout the year to do group builds, socialize, learn from each other, help each other out and just talk all things Halloween and Halloween prop making.

The only requirement is that you don't lurk all the time. There are plenty of groups out there if you want to lurk. We look for members to attend at least 1 build, event or get-together a year and / or post a couple times a year. That is the whole idea of a local group.

If you join, please check your "Other" folder for FaceBook messages. We will usually take a look at your profile to make sure you aren't a spammer and if your account is secured, we may message you in Facebook with a couple questions to validate you aren't a spammer.

If you have any questions or want more information, please reach out for me.

Below is a link to a video of some of our members Haunts and Displays.

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The Ravens Grin Inn-Northern Illinois
10 miles from the Mississippi River on Rt. 64 (North Ave. in Chicago)
It is a home haunt, I and my wife live here. I have built probably 99% of everything here that has to do with the haunted house.
I have been open almost every night of the year going on 29 years , plus open Sat. and Sun, afternoons.

website" hauntedravensgrin.com
Well! Thank you VERY MUNCH!!! Compliments are better than gold, someone else might take the gold, compliments remain in the memory, stuck to those brain cells.
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