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they had 25% off friday AND his shipping was only $1.99 of course now its alot more, so i got him for $146.79 shipped!

Im doing a zombie theme this year, going to have 10 barrels of toxic crap around the yard, my vehicle stickered with zombie response vehicle stuff, and i now have the female zombie, berzerker zombie, and picked up up see thru sindy and the hung up zombie, also a child zombie holding a bear from ebay, and a climbing zombie from ebay for our attic window. Also got the toxic fire and ice for the barrels to give it a glowing look. Bellow is links to EVERYTHING i have. I plan on hiring two friends for $30 to dress as zombies as well for halloween night, a dummy will be in my car passanger seat "dead" with zombie responce jump suit on and crawling kathy under the vehicle. I also have a homemade zombie i had last year as well to use.


berzerker zombie


hunbg up zombie

female zombie

crawling kathy

toxic barrels (two full size metal ones - and 7 of these amazon ones)

toxic fire and ice
https://www.spirithalloween.com/pro...803.uts?keyword=fire and ice&thumbnailIndex=9
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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