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cheesecloth ghost blacklight placement question

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I want to make a cheesecloth ghost. I plan to hang it in a tree outside. How do I place the blacklight to light it up? I plan to get a florescent light fixture.
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I use screw-in compact fluorescent black light inside a "brooder clamp light" fixture, both from Home Depot The clamp light allows you to clamp the light to a tree branch, or to a stick behind a gravestone, et cetera. The reflector hood on the fixture works very well for shielding the light from the audience and directing it all in one direction, which also means that an ordinary sized CFL blacklight packs a wallop.

This setup is not weatherproof. Do what you need to to keep it dry.
One other thing to mention: the light intensity drops off, the farther from the lamp. If you place the lamp near the head of the ghost, the glow will fade towards the bottom (a fairly natural effect). Place it near the ground for the opposite; or a little farther away for a glow that is overall softer, but less variable across the whole figure.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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