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Cheese cloth ?

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I'm wanting to make a ghost prop for the yard and am drawn to the ones made using liquid starch etc & cheese cloth. Can anyone one tell me if there is a substitute for the cheesecloth that would work for this that's not as pricey ? Thanks :)
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I don't know about a substitute for cheese cloth, but Spooky Steve turned us onto this site for cheap cheese cloth. Check the awsome price on the 10lb remnant bag. Lions Services Cheesecloth
What about something like this?
Make: Online : Wire ghost

Would be really cool lightly misted with white paint to make it stand out in the dark...

Cheesecloth does go on sale at fabric stores, and if you keep an eye out for coupons that really knocks the price down. I got a ton of cheesecloth at Joann Fabrics last year with a half off coupon from the paper.

It will be really difficult (as far as I can figure) to make a large cheesecloth ghost using liquid starch... sounds messy! :)
Thanks bunches for the helpful tips. I wonder if Hobby Lobby has it, our shopper does have the occasional 40 % off coupon in their add. Yes, it does sound messy. Definably an outdoor project, but the pics I've seen of the finished product is so cool.
Last year Walmart had cheesecloth on the bolt for $2 a yard and they had it in both white and black. I bought 2 bolts of white and one of black!

Might want to check Walmart.
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