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Check your Halloween music collection

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My cd, "A Night in a Haunted House/A Night in a Graveyard, that I paid $1.99 for at K-Mart a few years ago, is being sold on Amazon for $34.50-$152.39.
I have a Halloween cd collection that spans several shelves. Maybe I should insure it? :confused:
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I wonder how much for an original vinyl album? My hubby has an extensive record collection and that's one of them that I contributed (of course!).:D
Vintage Halloween recordings can bring a nice dollar now days. I just sold 3 of the Richard Taylor Edgar Allan Poe LPs on ebay for $40.00 each. They sold originally in the back of Horror magazines for $1.99. I'd say those prices for that particular CD however are a little unrealistic. I've seen copies on ebay for as little as $14.99.
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