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I'm actually looking for a Bucky skeleton too. So far Ebay has it for $88.88 plus tax. I guess a month ago (I forgot what company) they were on sale for $69 but I miss it. I'm hoping there is anther sale but I don't think so.......
actually the one on ebay is kinda a rip off b/c the shipping they quote or used to was 20 bucks and its doesnt cost near that much. Skeletonstore now does real time shipping quotes so the person selling them should be able to give you a spot on shipping price instead of just throwing out any old number to make more doe. I used to sale them and everytime someone wanted one id find out the exact shipping price so no one got screwed in shipping. I hate when people just say any old number on shipping i mean the person could live 45 minutes away and thats not fair or cost that much.
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