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Damn!!!! Super Sale your not going to beat these Prices ANYWHERE !!!! in case you want to get your mache moving !!
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Dead Rising Props
Ok guys, I promised you all a sale on our props if we got over 600 LIKES, and boy did you all deliver! We ended up with well over 700 LIKES on our page, and we are super humbled that you are all interested. We already have super low prices, but we want to get props in as many hands as we can, so you guys can get the word out about how great our pneumatic props are.

All props listed below come with 12 volt valves, hardware, fittings and airline, and are packed with detailed instructions for assembly and set up. These props will operate with most air compressors that can supply a minimum of 80-100 PSI.

Item, Regular, Sale, You save

Horizontal Slider, $325, $275, $50

Vertical 2-Bar Lifter, $250, $225, $25

Small Flipper, $225, $200, $25

Lid Lifter, $125, $100, $25

Attack Mech, $225, $175, $50

Hangman Kicker, $275, $225, $50

Drop Scissor &
Scarecrow Combo, $1250, $1100, $150

If you order the Super-Pack which contains 1 of each Horizontal Slider, Vertical 2-Bar lifter, Small Flipper, Lid Lifter, Attack Mech, and Hangman Kicker for $1200, you'll save an additional $50 making the prop package only $1150! That's 20 percent off the regular price of $1425! That's less that $200 per prop for the six prop set!

But wait, because it gets better! Buy any items during the sale, and you can upgrade the paint from our normal flat black paint to our super durable Tuck-Bed-Liner finish for half price! That's only $7.50 per prop for the upgrade!

If you don't see the prop you are looking for listed on our website, message us or give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote to build your dream prop. During the sale, we will give you the best price possible.

TO ORDER: This is a special sale for Facebook users who have liked our page, and these sale prices are not available on our website. To order, send us a message on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/DeadRisingProps and include your email address, phone number, items you wish to purchase, and whether or not you want to upgrade the paint to Truck-Bed-Liner. We will send you an invoice via email which you may pay via credit card or PayPal. You'll get PayPal's buyer protection on your purchase; your order will ship via UPS when ready, and will come fully insured. Please remember to LIKE our Facebook page and this post as well!

The fine print..... Normal shipping rates apply, and are based per prop. Shipping rates are posted on our Facebook page and website. All props are made to order and have a 3 week lead time for production. Orders are produced on a first in- first out basis. Sale prices good through June 30th 2015. Shipping rates are for the Continental United States only. Customers outside of the US must ca
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