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Flower shaped pool noodle
black trash bags
Heat Gun
Paint (optional)

Take the pool noodle and cut the "petals" lengthwise
Cut two of the "petals" in half lengthwise
Take the trash bag and cut it into 4 lenthwise so that you have 4 relatively same sized pieces
Take the full "petal piece and use the heat gun to melt the ends.
Take the 1/2 piece of foam and wrap it around the full piece of foam and tape it down.
Take the plastic and wrap it around the "petal" sized pool noodle counter-wise to the 1/2 piece. Use the heat gun to shrink it, but not enough to melt the plastic.
I just lightly spray painted to give it some color and dry brushed a lighter color.

If you want them longer, combine multiple and then use the heat gun to remove straight lines and edge the ends.
Not the most realistic, but for a little over a $1 you get three 4ft vines or one 12ft vine

I would post a picture, but need 3 post to post pictures and as I am lazy poster and don't post that much. They are in my album though.
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