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Cheap Pictures

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I made this last year to hang in my dining room. I thought I had a pic of the setup but I don't apparently. Imagine this pic with lights and spiders and skulls:D. I found the pic online, took it to Staples and had them print out an engineer print. I had them print the 3ft by 4ft size which is the largest they go. I was less than $8 to print. I then used a coupon and bought a foam board from Hobby Lobby which was around $5 I believe. So total was $13. Depending on the size it could be cheaper. But it's huge and makes an impact.


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Great sign debbie, and not a bad price at all for one that size!!
Thank you a_granger. I use staples all the time for large prints. I also zombiefied my grandkids and make a huge print. It was lovely:D
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