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CHEAP PAR 38 spotlight bulbs

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I was walking through Lowe's the other day, getting prop parts, when I stumbled onto these: 90 Watt GE PAR 38 spotlight bulbs for $1.99 each! I grabbed one, but need to go back and get more. They were right next to the colored spotlight bulbs. There is a Micheal's in the same shopping center, and I grabbed some red cellophane bags to color them with. Cheap alternative to the $7.99 colored bulbs.
Just thought I'd pass this on! :D
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Michael's also sells a "stained glass paint", which is designed to be heat cured and painted on glass. I've used it successfully on small bulbs (555, 44, and 47's) and it lasts and stays the same color throughout the life of the bulb. You don't really need to bake the bulb, as the heat of the incandescents will bake the paint on after a few minutes.
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