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Cheap Outdoor Lighting

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Hi guys, coming into the final stages of my setup now and ready to add some colour lighting outside. A friend of mine has been able to borrow a professional Fog machine (the dry ice kind) for my yard this year so I want to add some coloured lights to really show it off.

I'm on a limited budget so I'm trying to keep things as cheap as possible, or use gear that I've already got and I came up with the idea of using low voltage LED downlights with some coloured plastic to get the right colour. I've got a packet of 4 cheap 12v ones that I bought a while back and ended up replacing as they interfered with my TV so badly that I'd loose just about every channel when I switched them on. Has anyone used them like this before? I'm thinking of mounting them in PVC tubing to protect them and to allow me to easily keep the coloured plastic away from the bulb.

I'll make sure I get some pictures as I build them!
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i've purchased several, maybe close to about 20?, solar powered led landscaping lights ... not all at once, as i wasn't certain how well they'd work ... the blue have some uv/blacklight effects, which i wasn't expecting :) ... and the green is also very nice ... also some white as well

they're about $20 each though ... but the color saturation is excellent and obviously, don't require batteries, well they have built in lithium batteries that the solar panel charges, and no extension cords ...

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