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Cheap n' Easy Scare Prop!

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We built this in 2006 and it was a big hit! I'm not sure how many of you have either heard of this idea or ever done it so I decided to share it. I hadn't heard of this ever being done so I had come up with the idea to build a jail cage. I know it sounds simple and kind of cheesy but the results are amazing with the right actor. Most people do not suspect the actor to jump out so it is an extremely easy scare.

What the prop consists of is:

- A basic frame
- Dowels
- Two rubber tubes the same width as the dowels.

Here is a picture of the nearly finished cage. The two black poles in the front are actually the rubber tubes, and the others are obviously dowels.

This is the painted cage, when painted it's nearly impossible to distinguish between the rubber tubes and the dowels.

The finished setup:

This is the whole purpose of the prop. Although this picture does not show it all that well, the rubber tubes are EXTREMELY flexible and you are able to stretch them and jump out. They were able to stretch to the dowels nearest to them on either side.

- When attaching the rubber tube insert a smaller dowel into the top and bottom of the tube. Then drill holes in the top and bottom of the frame (Where the tubes attach) to insert the tubes. After inserted put a screw through the outside of the frame on the top and bottom making sure to go through the wooden dowel inside the tube. You should now have fairly straight and convincing looking tubes.

Hope you all like it.
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Very good. I can see this being totally unexpected. Clever ... clever ... clever!
Ohh it was! One younger kid, upon seeing my younger brother, said "He's trapped in there I'd like to see him scare me!" Lets just say he needed a change of pants. Usually we avoid scaring younger kids but he was just asking for it. :)
We did something similar to this a few years ago... our cell had 3 pvc tubes that were hung from the ceiling. They looked just like the other cell bars but they would 'swing' out of the way. We had Hannible Lecter in the cell. Was a really good scare. We may have to go back to that soon.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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