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cheap/good video projector

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Just wanted to pass along. I ended up getting a Torpedo dark room projector off of ebay for around $100. I tried to find it in stores but no go. I probably went to like 10 different targets & walmarts.

The quality of this projector is very good. Of course, the darker the better but it's perfect for our halloween use!! I did a Madame Leota setup. Worked like a charm!

The quality isn't HD or anything like that but for Halloween prop use it more than measures up. I turned on the lights in the room and used it. You could still see the image fairly well. The reviews on this thing are very good too (that's what sold me on it).

I would say this is a definite buy cause the cost is well below the cheapest projector I have seen out there. Personally there is no way I am putting an $800 or more expensive projector outside. and plus for what I paid...I could end up getting 8...oh, the projects I would do...muhahaha!!!
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I read on ebay that it can be hooked up to video game consoles, video cameras and digital cameras, but it didn't say anything about DVD players or PC's. Do you know if this can be done?


It only accepts a composite video connection (yellow RCA jack) and analog audio. As long as your PC and DVD player have these connections, you should be fine.
The reviews I've seen on this are all over the place:
Buyer Beware: World's Crappiest Projector Reviewed
Torpedo Projector Reviewed
As long as you don't set your expectations too high, you probably can't go wrong for $100.

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