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I was wanting to put finials on my PVC cemetery fence this year, but I decided to use the Halloween budget for props. So I got to thinking about a post I had seen somewhere about making finials out of coroplast. Well I searched around the local craft stores and couldn't find any. I called the local sign companies and they wanted way too much money. I made a pattern out of some plastic from a detergent bottle. I traced around the "finial" shape with a pencil. I used a pair of aviation snips to cut out the "finial" shape I made. A utility knife was used to do the final trimming.

I cut the finials from some plastic boot trays I got at the Dollar Tree for $1 a piece.

The plastic of the boot tray is kinda brittle when cutting so the finials are just a friction fit in the PVC pipe. The process is labor intensive but I will have finials for my fence for about $2 and some of my time.

How does it look?

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Wow... those turned out great! And the price is sure right. Sadly, our fence is solid, so finials may be out of the question.. but now you've got me thinking if there is a way to put some on anyway. It might be worth it.
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