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O.k., here's a technique that is fairly inexpensive for applying fake wounds without the use of latex prosthesis. (Sorry Rod, no latex!)

This may be applied to most parts of the body and in any size you want.

Items needed:
Dark Blue, Red, Green and Yellow Eye Shadow
Spirit Glue
Fake Blood
Paper Towels (white)

Use the Eye Shadows to make a "bruise" a little larger around than the actual wound.

Apply Spirit Glue to the area on the body where you want the wound. Then tear the paper towel to the desired size of the wound. Next, make a tear in the center of the paper towel, being careful not to tear in half. Apply to the spirit glue. Do not apply taught, you will want some air under it. This will be the open part of the wound.

Apply fake blood to the paper towel (make sure to saturate the paper towel) and spread the paper towel apart as if the skin has been ripped back. Fashion the inside edges of the paper towel to lift up a tad. Take care not to cover the bruising completely with the fake blood, but rather "fade" the blood to it.

This will last until you remove it. Makes for a very realistic wound.

"forgive me for that twisted thought I had of you just now"
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