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Hey Twisted,heres another one to add to your book of inexpensive ideas.I got this out of a theatrical makeup book years ago.
items needed:(1)box of clear Knox gelatin
(1)bottle of spirit gum
(2-4 pieces of grapes or whole grapes)depending on the effect that you want
(1)small bottle of liquid latex

Mix 3 packs of Knox gelatin in about 1/3 cup of warm water and mix it until it becomes a paste
Apply spirit gum to the area that you want to make the wound at.
Add(1)grape in the mold and squash it,add a little more mix into the "wound"
Apply a covering of latex,let dry and paint(using black,red,blue and yellow tempra paint)

I've used this technique for years and it looks GROSS!Especailly when you apply it to your face and when it half way dries you can mold the paste even more.

rod spain
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