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CHAUVET 1200 FOG MACHINE FC-T TIMER PROBLEM & Fogger Demo Chauvet 901 & Froggy's Fog

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CHAUVET 1200 FOG MACHINE FC-T TIMER PROBLEM & Fogger Demo Chauvet 901 & Froggy's Fog

Does this go in Props or General Halloween? It's more related to props and displays.

This is a unit refurbished by Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1200 (1,180 watt) Fog Machine. The fog is output when the FC-T controller that came with the fogger is plug into the unit.

The fog machine functions correctly with the FC-T timer that is sold separately that I use with my Chauvet DJ Hurricane 901 (670W) fog machine.

I include the Chauvet 901 for a fog output comparison.

I used Froggy’s Freezin’ Fog in a two car garage in unseasonably 65 deg 75% humidity Midwest Oct weather.

I adjusted the dials. The continuous fog button did not turn off. I believe it’s a defective FC-T controller. I’ll contact Chauvet. It has a 90 day warranty.

It’s the first time I used it. Otherwise I like the fog machine and Froggy’s Freezin’ Fog juice.

Look for my fog chiller and fogging cauldron tests using these machines and fog juice ^v^
I’m uploading videos of this fogger and the

Canon VIXIA HF R400 1080P 17Mbps MP4 Oct 14, 2016.

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I bought a 1200 with wired timer last year, and it lasted about 3 months... I ended up with two antari 1500's with a digital timer that allows full customization of duration, output and interval... Plus froggys bog fog... Its going to be an incredible halloween.
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