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Chamber Of Horrors - alternate versions??

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Hey, everybody:

I was going thru the posts of music/sfx, and I saw the post on the Haunting Chamber Of Horrors cassette, from 1988. I've been searching for years, attempting to find the same sfx tape I had when I was a kid. So far, this one is the closest - but still not the one. From what I understand, there were at least 3 versions of this tape: the original with the story on one side, and the sfx/music/annoying "Happy Halloween" guy on the B side, then a re-release with just the B side material on both sides.

After doing a google search, I found highburycemetery[dot]blogspot[dot]com (check out his Chamber Of Horrors post), about there being a '90s Version released, which had updated sfx on both sides. Still, not the correct tape I seek.

So, I guess what I'm trying to get at, is could there be a 4th version of this cassette that exists?? The cassette my parents bought was black, with an orange label - I know, werent most of them! - and had the exact same sfx playing on both sides, so when you flipped the tape over, it began from the start. After listening to both sides of the original tape - story, and sfx/music - I can say that all (or nearly all) the sfx in the story, and on the B side were the same on the tape we had. There was no '70s/'80s style music, nor instrumentals of "Thriller" or anything.

To give a better idea, play the B side of the cassette. If you skip to approx. 02:18, the sound of the monsters chuckling and shouting, was the way my tape began. Or, it can be heard at the end of the story - approx. 10:26. Im hoping that somebody can shed some light on this for me - it'd be highly appreciated!

:cool: Thanks for your time!

'90s Version, at YouTube:
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There are no other versions out there of the 1988 version on the Internet? So many Halloween cassettes use the same name and most likely change through the years. I can't tell you how many duplicates I've discovered. I just recently shared the 90s cassette and CD version on my blog, thanks to SIYS. Also the title when I bought it in 1995 was called Horrible Sounds of Halloween.

Well, Im not sure of the name on the cassette we had. I just recall it being orange & black -- which, i know doesnt really help, lol -- and the sfx on it are the same as the 1988 'The Haunting Chamber Of Horrors' that was shared on here, but in a different order. Who knows, though! Ill keep looking, and will hopefully find the same one -- some day!
Thanks for responding to my overly-long explanation, hah.
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