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Central Florida/Ocala Pre-Halloween Event

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Hi Folks,

It will be in Ocala, FL.

I just picked up a magazine and found an announcement for THIS event on the inside back cover. Don't have any idea about it except it's on a Sunday and found out more on Facebook. It says "First Annual" on the web page.

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Thanks for posting this.. don't know if We will make it or not. Saving $$ to get VIP tix for Spookie Empire..(fromerly Scream Fest) From what I heard there is suppose to be a NEW haunt down this way as well in Tavares....
Thanks for posting this.. don't know if We will make it or not. Saving $$ to get VIP tix for Spookie Empire..(fromerly Scream Fest) From what I heard there is suppose to be a NEW haunt down this way as well in Tavares....
I went to spookie empire last year. You know its just a convention right? Like they don't really have anything more then some dealers there and they show off indie "horror " movies. And some celebrities from horror movies there.
Ocala's First Annual Halloween Howler

A Halloween themed day of activities, demonstrations, fashion shows, and more geared towards families looking to kick-off the Ocalaween season early and get ideas for easy and affordable ways to decorate, games, food ideas, and activities for their parties.

Ocala, Florida, October 4, 2009 — Deborina’s Dancewear & Costumes presents Ocala’s First Annual Howler, How to Halloween, a community event benefitting the Arnette House. OCALA HOWLER: Halloween Expo for the Arnette House will be held October 4th, 2009 at the Hilton, Ocala. The Howler is from Noon-7 pm and focuses on Halloween themed demonstrations, activities, games geared towards families in Marion County. Noon-7pm.

Community participants include: Arnette House, Ocala Models and Talent, Extensions Dance Studio, Francoise’s Barber Shop, Alpha and Omega Productions, Big 92.9, WTRS 102.3, Sweet Stop Bakery, Lilli’s Flowers and Gifts, and many more. There will be merchant discounts, games, activities, demonstrations, silent auction, children’s booths, haunted house, blacklight room, ghost stories, makeup and costume fashion shows, a recreation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller by Extensions School of the Arts, and a performance by the winner of Talented Ocala.

Sponsors, vendors, volunteers, demonstrations, activities, and games are still needed. Leading up to the Howler, Deborina’s will be teaching F/X and Theatrical/Fantasy Makeup to volunteers who will be doing makeup for the Fashion Shows. Makeup classes will be held Sundays up until the day of the event. Vendors may book their space for free if they meet the following requirements: be in costume, provide a donation to the Arnette House Silent Auction (A value of $50 or more), have a Halloween themed activity, game or demonstration, supply wrapped candy/toys for 500+ kids for Trick-or-Treating. If one or more of the requirements are not met, non-profit vendors can book a table for $25 and merchant vendors may book a table for $50. A table and 2 chairs are provided.

To register for makeup classes, become a volunteer, or to book a vendor table, please call Kristi at 352-237-0560. Ticket Prices: before September 25th - $10 Adults, $5 Kids (12 & Under); at the door - $15 Adults, $10 Kids. Tickets on sale now at Deborina’s Dancewear & Costumes, Inc. To purchase tickets or for more information call 352-237-0560.


Addendum A

All Day Events (More to be added)
Pumpkin Patch Kids pick out their own pumpkin and decorate it at the painting station.

Haunted House (Recommended for Adults Only) Walk through this scary haunted room and then turn on the lights and see how to make a haunted area in your home or backyard using these simple tips and tricks.

Black Light Room In this room we will show the potential of black lights and black light activated makeup, costumes, accessories, and décor.

F/X Makeup Simple and affordable uses of liquid latex, different kinds of blood, and prosthetic appliances to achieve a very scary look this Halloween.

Ghost Stories Within a graveyard sits a mausoleum where scary stories are read. Different times geared to kids, teens, and adults.

Trick-or-Treat Each table/event/activity will have toys or candy for the kids.

Scheduled Events
Noon Howler Opens
1:00 Family Costume Fashion Show (Models provided by Ocala Models and Talent)
1:30 Introduction to Costume Enhancements using makeup and hair techniques
2:00 Silent Auction Table 1 Ends / Raffles
2:15 Make-up/Hair Expo
2:45 Introduction to Sexy Costumes
3:00 Silent Auction Table 2 Ends / Raffles
3:15 Sexy Costume Show (Models provided by Ocala Models and Talent)
3:45 Winner of Talented Ocala to have their first performance
4:00 Silent Auction Table 3 Ends / Raffles
4:15 Introduction to Horror/Gore Costumes & Makeup
5:00 Silent Auction Table 4 Ends / Raffles
5:15 Horror Costume & Makeup Show
6:00 Silent Auction Table 5 Ends / Raffles
6:15 Thriller performed by Extensions Dance Studio
6:45 Lighting of the Jack-o-Lantern, Silent Auction Table 6 Ends & Last Raffles Awarded
7:00 Howler Ends, Halloween Begins!!!
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