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Cemetery Finial What do you think?

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Ok so I bought 3 of those garden finials that Walmart had. 40 dollars on sale for 10 bucks:) 39 inches tall Great find. Im still working on the cemetery ones and need to add more moss but wanted to get your opinion on these so far.

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That's looking real good! Maybe go a little darker on the top edges of any protrusions and depressions. Just think about where rain would collect if it were running down the finial and make those areas slightly darker.
Can't wait to see it all finished! :)
Looks wonderfully gloomy and weathered, Spookilicious Mama. How are you planning to have it lit? I have one of these too, but our graveyard is relatively dark where I plan to use it so I was going to lighten parts of it to make it stand out more, so it won't get lost in the darkness. Similar to the more exaggerated painting done in the theater for darker scenes. I was going to try some combination of a dilluted white wash and a light dry brush with white to lighten the higher surfaces. But leave the recesses darker, like Rikki describes, for the contrast that makes it look less flat and gives it a weathered look.

But if your lighting is better or, especially, if you hit it with a spot light, then you probably won't have the issue I have. Check it out at night under lighting like you plan to use for Halloween and you can decide.

Are you going to have this be a tombstone, graveyard statuary, or something else?
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Thanks Rikki and Demon Dog! Actually there is a lot more contrast on the finial than the picture is showing. I dont like all my props to be the same and I do like to age. Sometimes I like to run the darker sollution down on one side only and leave the other side with just shades of it. This was a process of paint, then a wash, then the black sollution, then the wash again and now I will do the black one last time in a few more places then I will finish off with a flat spray sealer. I like to get the drips and inperfections, thats what gives it character to me. After the spray sealer I will add the moss.
Demon Dog, I will be putting this on a pillar to give it some height. I actually bought three finials and did one for my garden out back. more in Khaki and browns and aged as well gave it a more victorian feel. I have pics of those in my album if you are interested.:rolleyes: I was going to do another one for the cemetery but now Im not sure I want two of the same type finials there. I have another garden on the other side. I just may do the other one the victorian way and keep it out all year:D
If I do decide to do two for the cemetery I will do it either much darker or much lighter and place in on the ground far away from the other one or on a different pillar at a shorter height. I will be doing the pillars in the same finish as each finial.
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Ohhh, what if you put them side by side, one shorter than the other and have "Mother" on the taller one and "Daughter" on the other? Kind of creepy and still very believable.
Yep, I did notice earlier that one side of the finial was lighter than the other. I really like that effect. I'm with you, some imperfections and a little less symmetry or uniformity really add to the character and realism of a piece. The paint that originally came with the final is nice, but your treatment really adds to its appearance.

I saw your other finial and liked it too. It has more warmth and goes with the Victorian garden look you had said you were after. But really your "Halloween finial" is also worthy of a year round spot in your garden too, if you can work it in. We have a statue that I like enough to use in our backyard for eleven months of the year. But come October...it goes straight to the front yard with the tombstones!
Ohhh, what if you put them side by side, one shorter than the other and have "Mother" on the taller one and "Daughter" on the other? Kind of creepy and still very believable.
Creepy yes!!! However my own mother would kill me if I did that:rolleyes: LOL Maybe side by side wouldnt be too bad after all. Ill have to place them when the time comes.
Hey you guys are not going to belive what my neighbor just sold to me for a PENNY:D Im taking the picture now and will load soon. Ill need your advice on how I can use it. Wait to you see just wait!!!!!!!!!!!! One PENNY:)
All these PICTURES...I'm really very impressed! And your finial looks fantastic. I would definitely go for more contrast since it makes things "pop" at night with our lighting. You could try drybrushing it and it's easily changeable if you decide you don't like it. I can see it with vine wrapped around it. If you have two, can you use them for entrance pillar tops?
I love the way these came out Spookilicious mama! Very nice job! It will look great on the pillar!
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