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Cemertary weatherproofing

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I have been debating over the last couple of weeks on weather I should weatherproof the tops of the cemertary columns with satan spar urethane. I live in the pacific northwest and will be putting them out two weeks before halloween. They are sealed with caulk and painted with outdoor latex paint. Should I leave them or use the urethane? My concerns with the urethane is discoloration and if I need to repaint them someday I would have to sand the urethane. So what do you guys think?


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Thruster, I made columns last year and had them out for three weeks without any problems. Mine are made from pink insulation foam board and painted with an outdoor latex paint. Here in Denver last year we had pretty much every extreme - direct sun, intense rain, freezing overnight, strong winds and even a little snow. I checked them when I took them down and just looked at them the other day and they don't seem any worse for the ware. I do store them indoors, out of the weather. I figure if I can get through two or three Halloweens without someone destroying them, a fresh coat of paint will be the least of my worries. Hope this helps.
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