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Cave Walls inside garage -how to attach

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Saw something on a site called churcheventipedia.com about making cave rock walls using butcher paper. I would love to do this inside my garage for our annual Halloween party. It could even be changed each year from rock to ice to gold, etc.

The way the mashed up butcher paper is attached is via staple gun. My wife wouldn't go for that any day of the week. So I was hoping someone may have an alternate method that would hold up the weight of butcher paper over the length of a garage.

Would masking tape be enough or would the weight of the paper pulling vertically pull it down? Is 3M hooks enough?

Thanks for any ideas
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Do you have a link? How about doing a test run to see how it holds up? At worst you may need to get some boards and create false walls to stick the stuff to.
The facade will be ver light weight; you could slap up cheap, fast temporary walls using vertical 1x4's with corrugated cardboard stapled to the 1x4's. The butcher paper stones are then stapled to the cardboard. Use 2x3 top and bottom plates, cut the verticals for a snug fit between the floor and ceiling, let friction hold them in place. Use Ardox (Spiral Shank) nails to avoid splitting the 1x3's.

Dang, now that I think of it, we might "borrow" your wall idea for a Vampire crypt...
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