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Cause I'm gonna throw knives at my sideshow. ;) (At a safe distance of course)

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Figured a vintage Sideshow act needed a vintage paint scheme and I think I've captured an early feel with this knife throwing backboard. It's just some old barn board and 4x4's.
Red Art Wood Wood stain Graffiti

It also folds in half.
Hardwood Floor Wood Wood stain Flooring

Until 2 days ago, i hadn't thrown a knife in 15+ years. It came back to me quite quickly and quite confident in my abilities.
When you watch the vid, picture a stretched out skeleton on the backboard. 2 blades above the shoulders, 2 in the arm pits and of course the last 2 are the money shots. (between the legs) ;) Along with a sword swallower, fire breather and block head act. (I have some weird friends) This years home haunt is shaping up to be quite a show.

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With the help of 2 very trusting friends, I shot blow darts and threw knives at people for the first time at a creepy wedding we helped host last night. This was a giant step and not something we took on lightly. The weeks of practicing paid off and everybody walked away unscathed. So stoked for our Halloween sideshow haunt!
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There is always the chance of a ricochet..and don't forget the lighting will be totally different at night..you also have flash cameras possibly going off..better to play it safe and throw at a wheel with a bucky pinned to it..so you can claim..I never hit anybody..meanwhile lots of knives in the dead bucky .
I really wouldn't use real knives at a home haunt, even distanced from the guests, besides a ricochet or distractions you're trusting small children and drinking adults to not suddenly run in front. Now if you're doing it inside from the haunters and they are watching through a window that would be pretty safe.
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