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Once again, we've found inspiration here on the forum- this time, the glowing logs effect for our cauldron.
This is a merged image with and without flash- we still need to add the lines for the charred effect, so it's a bit darker than it will likely end up. It was really quick and easy to do, and a lot of fun! Still need to work on the lights, the amber LEDs don't look right so we'll swap them out for orange and/or red.

We made 4 large logs, and cut one in half to make the ones shown here. Haven't decided if we'll do the same, or leave them large.

My husband hung them up on our hanging basket holder so they could dry, and several of our neighbors stopped in the middle of the road to ask what they were. They were really excited when he explained the effect. Not one person asked "isn't it a bit early for Halloween?"
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