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Cauldron Fire help

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Getting ready to add a great stuff fire under my cauldron and was looking for a way after it begins curing to smush the cauldron into the foam to "seat " it without having it stuck. I'd still like the two to be able to be stored separately as that way I can continue modding the cauldron.
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saran wrap between foam and cauldron. The plastic won't stick to the foam after it fully dries
Yup Saran wrap. Set your cauldron in place then foam around it. Let it dry then remove the cauldron and peel off the saran wrap.
Thank you! Man I hate dealING with saran wrap though. Sticks to itself before u can get it on what you want to wrap. Arrghh.
I used clear plastic sheeting, worked fine.
Thank you! Man I hate dealING with saran wrap though. Sticks to itself before u can get it on what you want to wrap. Arrghh.

I haven't tried this, but you may be able to apply a layer of Vaseline on the cauldron to keep it from connecting with the foam...again, I haven't tried it, but it seems like it should work.
I used a garbage bag (cut down the sides for more surface area), and it worked quite well.
Yep, put your cauldron in a large garbage bag, or use the cheap plastic film drop cloth between the cauldron and the foam. The plastic will peel right off the cured foam.
Make sure you lightly mist/spray the plastic with water. If you don't the foam won't properly set where it touches the plastic.

Also, I recommend using Minwax paste finishing wax instead of other things to prevent sticking. It's the only thing I've found Great Stuff won't stick to and it is much, much easier to clean up.
I love Saran wrap.....Its almost as good as duct tape..... But only has 998 uses.

Try using Saran wrap with mineral oil or silicone oil works great> Suggest you try it in a test patch first.

Won't stick but the cookies might taste funny......
well the saran wrap worked but I might have overdone it with the foam trying to get all the wires n bulbs covered. I'll have to see it once I ash it up and try it in the dark.
Green Light Lighting Water Grass
Green Light Black Red Lighting

Here are a couple shots of finished project tested in the backyard. I have a spell casting witch coming but it might not arrive in time for this years event.
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