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Cauldron Creep to FAST!!! Need help

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Harvey is just stirring to dang fast. To the point where he's almost falling over. Is there any way to slow down the wiper motor? I do already have it on it's slowest setting. I was thinking of wiring a socket on a light dimmer switch. Would that work or am I screwed?
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The PWM speed controller is the absolute best way to go.

But, to your original question: yes, you can use a dimmer switch on it, in line with the power cord.

With the dimmer, you will lose torque as you lower the voltage (and thus the speed) but if your cauldron creep doesn't need all of the torque the wiper motor is capable of, then this might be an option if the PWM controller doesn't get there in time.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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