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So after seeing the deteriorating condition of some of my props after 5 years, I decided to scrap a few and make new ones. This stirring witch prop used a record player and pool noodles for arms and it worked alright until the record player died.


So its time for her to be put to rest. I decided to build a cauldron creep using a reindeer motor I got from Kindy's. Here is my progress so far...

First It's time to cut pvc..I got the measurements here http://quirkyartistloft.blogspot.com/2013/09/diy-cauldron-creep-halloween-stirring.html

Electronics Technology Electronic device

Line Road surface Asphalt Floor Brick

Electrical wiring

Next I got the skull that I'm using from a bag of bones from Fright Props. The Eyes lit up and flashed and it made a ghost noise. I just wanted the eyes to light up steady with no sound so I did a little rewiring.

Electronics Electrical wiring Technology Electronic device Electronic component

I used pvc and hot glue to attach the skull to the body.

Jaw Sculpture Animation Art Statue

Sculpture Art Ceramic

Looking good!

Robot Machine

I put two screws in the head to hold up this mask that is also from Fright Props.

Nose Water Cheek Mouth Jaw

Technology Robot Machine Radio-controlled toy Radio-controlled helicopter

I have decided not to use a motor to animated the head. I will either use a spring an the natural swaying of the frame for movement or a pulley system linked to the the stirring motor. So in the meantime im using a bungee cord.

Now its time for a paint job! I built the H out of 2x4.

Grass Tree Plant Lawn Handrail

Tent Grass Hiking equipment

Now to build the reindeer motor linkage. I used some aluminum with some holes drilled and cut off one side to make room for the pvc endcap.

Electronics Technology Electronic device Electronic instrument Modem

Auto part

I also started making a staff out of a broomstick and great stuff. I'm not sure if I will use it in the finished one though.

Grass Soil Plant

And here he is with the motor attached. I stuck some pvc on the arm to see if it would hold the weight.

Sorry for the long post and I'm not sure why some pictures are upside down. I'll try to do better next time. Thanks for your feedback! I'll be updating as I work on this.

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Update #2

So I started attaching the bones for the arms and the leg with black wire ties which worked very well.

Joint Auto part Pipe

Then I added some pool noodles to the shoulders and hips to round out some of his corners.

Personal protective equipment Lifejacket

I also cut part of a home depot bucket for his back to give him a hunchback look.

Product Orange Chair Baby carriage Furniture

Helmet Orange Personal protective equipment Headgear Hat

Then I put an old costume robe on him and sliced up his sleeves and around his one exposed leg. The leg is not proportional AT ALL to the rest of him but you gotta work with what ya got right?

Personal protective equipment Costume Diving equipment


That's it so far! Next I gotta work on his hands and his mixing stick (which I decided is just going to be pvc)

Updates should come early next week!

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Finished prop

So this guy is finally finished! I kinda fell off the forum rails last year because I got consumed by my work.

I ended up ditching the head movement because the reindeer motor was not strong enough to support the weight. I might end up switching it out for a high torque motor that was donated to me by a retired haunter. I will most likely repurpose the reindeer motor to be used for the head movement since I have all summer to work again. Thanks for all the great comments and support and I hope to be even more active on the forum this season :D


I forgot to take more finished pictures but here is a video from the finished haunt on Halloween night 2015 :cool:

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