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Castle Facade Phase 1

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This is my first attempt at creating a facade. I pretty much created a giant scene setter thus far. I used a 24 x40 Poly tarp from Walmart. The tarp is silver on one side so I used that side and sprayed a coat of grey on it then went back and painted all the stone work. This is phase 1. The next thing I am going to do is airbrush the windows, pediments, battlements, and creepy castle things on to the stone work. Then I will add the towers using two 10X20 tarps and set them out about 3 feet from the rest of the building using PVC. More pics to come as I progress. My building is 20 feet tall and 40 feet wide and this will be the very front. I am going to build a smaller foam entrance as well. Comments/Suggestions all welcome!



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I love this idea. I have a few ideas you may want to try on a couple of the stones to see if it improves the look. See where you have the line of black in the inside of the stone? Perfect. Now, while you have the airbrush out, do the same with a grayish white in the opposite corner. Then shade it in to the edge. Do the same (using black paint in your airbrush) and shade in the black section that you already painted.

Some other ideas: Sponge in some texture. Take a wadded up piece of cloth or plastic wrap and sponge in highlights and lowlights into the stone itself. Then add in a couple of random punches of raw sienna paint. Then , if you really want to get ambitious, add in some moss accents. Probably painted on, real ones wouldn't help the illusion. Here's a picture that can help visualize what I'm saying:


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Castle Tower Phase 2

Just finished for the most part, my first tower. Instead of painting it on the 20 X 40 to look 3D I am actually going to build the towers about 5 feet out from the rest of the building using one 10 X 20 Tarp on each side to wrap around and create a 90 degree angle. Thus actually creating 2 20 foot towers. I didn't have my camera with me but I uploaded the pics I took from my cell phone. I still have the other 10x20 tarp to paint and then most of the facade is ready to hang and assemble. Once it is raised and in place I will go back and touch up and add more details with the air-brush.
Comments, suggestions always welcome!
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