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Cartoonist draws a vampire

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Hello everyone. I just found this forum and REALLY love it. Everyone is VERY helpful and I haven't seen the "hating" going on that I see in other forums.

I'm a professional illustrator, cartoonist and author. My specialty is greeting cards, children's books and detailed caricature portraits. My web site is Scott Nelson and Son - Illustrator/Cartoonist . I recently decided to do a new HOW TO video on my website. The character I created for a greeting card was a vampire/Dracula image. I'd love if you could watch it and then comment right on my YouTube channel.

OK---GREEEEEEEAT to be here and Happy Halloween.
Scott Nelson
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Hi and welcome to the forum, great website you have...I love your charcoal work, the cat ones lovely :)

Welcome to the forum!
Thanks so much for sharing your talent! I will check out your video.

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Thanks everyone. I can honestly say that this has become my favorite forum.
Welcome to the forum! Love your illustrations :)
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