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How did you do it
i used Loctite canned foam, because you can shape it. Let it dry for about 4-5 minutes, spray with water and shape it. I used a mannequin hollow torso for a mold. rub in liquid dish soap as a mold release. Spray in foam and press it down. The harder you press the smoother the skin will be. You have to build a skeleton for the mold out of PVC pipe. I used spider hill joints for all the joints, so it can be formed into various positions. Joints were covered in plastic bag strips to prevent the foam from locking them in place. I used rubber hands the finger nails are nail covers, (amazon). Torso also Amazon. The head is a foam head which I built out using wood epoxy putty, amazon. Teeth are also cut down nails. Ears and toes are 3d printed. You can spray Loctite foam with spray enamel, it does not dissolve like other foams. Hope this helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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