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Carpenter or Zombie?

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Theres an abundance of halloween movies but whose style did you prefer, John Carpenter or Rob Zombie?

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Carpenter, but I did really like Zombie's first Halloween, for a great story of young Michael.
Carpenter. No comparison.
I have never seen a Zombie movie. I like the Carpenter ones . Ever since I got my house I really almost never, have a night off to go to a movie and I don't watch much otherwise anyway. Too busy. I'm only here right not awaiting a group to show up. They called!
Someday I should see "House of 1,000" because some people think my house is like that one. I kind of doubt that. One kid thought my Olds station wagon Spook-mobile was the cab-over truck from "Jeepers-Creepers" ????? "People?"
John Carpenter, hands down.
Carpenter, without a doubt, though I'll second what kprimm said about liking the back story of young Michael in Zombie's version.....
Carpenter would be my choice!
IMO JC's Halloween is the best horror movie of all time and #2 on that list would be Zombie's version. Unlike all other originals and their remakes, I think these two films compliment each other perfectly and it's entertaining to watch these two movies back-to-back and see how they are similar and different. What I love best about Zombie's Halloween is how it calls upon the original just enough for the viewer to enjoy but he also changed the story just enough to make it it's own film. The imagery of each film is horror movie making at it's finest and unlike most "slasher" horror movies the acting in each film is very good. Especially the legend Donald Pleasance in JC's film and Brad Dourif in Zombie's. Needless to say I'm a big fan of both films.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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