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I made this sign based on the following inspiration:


The main change I made is that I didn't use hot glue to attach the "walls" on my letters to the foam letter cutouts -- I just used various strips of Scotch tape that wrap around to the back of the letter, which itself is glued to the foam wall behind it. Also I didn't bother painting those same "walls" on the letters to be silver (which is good because it would have taken forever, plus I discovered that paint tends to warp paper no matter how lightly you try to apply it). Red and white seems to work just as well as red and silver, I think. I glued the letters to the foam backing using blobs of a silicon glue that's good at gluing two uneven surfaces together. (the foam letters did get a little warped when I painted them red)

This is my result.

You'll notice that the skull and its Vincent Price laugh are eerily familiar to what I did for the Grande Athena haunted hotel, but what can I say, it's an awesome laugh.

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Really awesome sign! I wish I knew how to do the flashing lights effect because it really looks great for this type of sign.
And you can't go wrong with Vincent Price's laugh... he was the master!!
Great job!! :cool:
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