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Ok, the tall clown is built around a pvc frame, he's wearing a professional clown costume. He also features a 14" -16" throw, pneumatic cylinder for his neck and squirting flower. Solenoid, compressor, and windshield wiper pump not included.
$160.00 with cylinder. $120.00 without

The shorter clown features a "killer klown from outer space" mask and is built around a posable soft sculpture body

Pair of clown shoes and Ringling Bros.hat. The shoes are hard to see, but they are nice.

Wise cracking clown head, says several phrases, synchronized mouth and green light up eyes. He's been hacked to run on ac, adapter included. Hair needs some reattachment. Hairclub for clowns?
Carny barker jacket with hat.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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