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Carnival Booth Games, (Not Nesecarily Carnival Themed)

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Hey everyone!
I had an awesome turn out for this year's King of Halloween Bash fundraiser for Alzheimer's. It got me thinking on what I can do for next year to help raise money for the cause. As much as I love building decorations, I kind of want to take a break and have more "interactive" things with my guests. I had a few ideas for some *carnival booth* type games, but I didn't know if anyone has attempted the concept before?

A lot of them included Hacking children's toys as I don't know jack about building circuit boards from scratch.

* #1 Idea- ZOMBIE SHOOT *
First Idea I had was making a moving lifesize zombie target that you shoot with an Infrared/Laser gun in certain areas to rack up points.
Doesn't seem too complicated, it can be as easy as building a sturdy dummy and mounting it to an isolating fan, and hacking apart a game such as this for the electronics: http://www.geekalerts.com/zombie-shooting-gallery/

* #2 Idea - A L I E N Whack A Mole *
I remember when I was a kid back in the mid 90s I saw Toy Story and thought "How cool would it be if they built this?!"
Games Pc game Adventure game Action-adventure game Cartoon

Turns out they actually did, but for budget reasons perhaps I can make my own from a hacked "whack a mole" game out there. Most of these don't "pop up and down", but a buzzer and an LED light can make it enough fun.
The chest can be covered with these guys: http://www.officeplayground.com/ProductImages_icohover.aspx?ProductId=5862&index=1
When hit they would give a cool effect. For the bonus, you can smack the facehugger on the astronaut's head

A while back I saw someone had made an incredible CFTBL costume from an old wet suit. This might be a neat concept if we combine it with a dunk tank alternative. An actual dunk tank may be costly, but this is a very cheap and fun alternative http://lifehacker.com/build-your-own-backyard-diy-dunk-bucket-1614138135 ...a BIG downside to this is that it can get gold, but what if you can substitute the creature with water resistant mechanics? It wont be completely submerged, so this can definitely work.

the balloon and dart game has always been my favorite in carnivals. This is an easy set up, and can have a twist of small amounts of stage blood added in the balloons. The balloons the themselves can play the role as warts, eyes, or the spots on a spider's back.

Do you guys have any other fun suggestions or ideas? Any past time arcade game you can think of that could be "Halloween'd Up" ?
Has anyone had a carnival game at their party before? Let me know!
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We did a carnevil theme for out party this past year and had 4 carnival games for our guest to play.

Play Event Child Recreation Games

Knock the can's over. All we did here was take food cans, cover with duct tape and get balls/bean bags.

Balloon Play Games Tree Textile

We did a pop the balloon game. All we did here was take a board and used push pins to hold the balloons and darts.

Food Play Recreation Picnic Table

This is what we called skull pond...kind of like the duck pond game. We just put numbers on the bottom of the skulls and they had to pick one. We did our blind folded since our water didn't float around the pond to make the skulls move. Oh and another tip the skulls need some kind of weight at the bottom, because they kept wanting to turn over.

Community Grass Play Recreation Balloon

Lastly we did a ring toss game. These skeleton arms were actually a fence that I took the chains off and used the arms separately. We got big hoops to through.

Our guest had a blast.
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I really like the ring toss game. Dollar Tree had the Steak arms this year that would work.
We had a wheel. the kids liked it and they liked the ring toss kind of games.
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How did you get the arms to not fall over? Are they attached to tent stakes or something like that? Very cool!
They came with a pointed bottom so you could put them in the ground as fencing.
Thats so cool ... Wish i could do this carnevil themed party
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