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Last year I bought an 8' cardboard 'spooky tree' from Shindigz for my now cancelled wedding. My question is, is there any way to weatherize these things? I spent alot of money on it to not use somehow. So I thought if I could find a way to waterproof it I would put it out in my graveyard this year. But it's only cardboard, so it will get ruined if it gets wet.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


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Good question.

I have no personal experience with this, but from my googling (and I'm a google queen :rolleyes: ) the recommendation for waterproofing cardboard for boats used in a model boat regatta (kids' event where they build boats out of cardboard and put them IN water for a race) is spar urethane.

Helmsman Spar Urethane - Oil-Based Clear Protective Finishes

It will be a clear waterproof finish (I'm not sure if it's shiny or matte when dry - they probably have different options) but you'll need to make sure and coat every single bit of the surface, and maybe do two coats to make sure - and if it has corregated edges, seal them first with something like caulking so the moisture can't get in. After you get it finished, still make sure that the bottom is either on a plastic sheeting or elevated off the ground a little to make sure that ground moisture doesn't seep inside it.

Since it's clear, you won't lose the colors and details of the tree or have to repaint the whole thing. Big plus.

It should stand up to light weather conditions for many years, but bring it in if you get downpours or heavy snow!


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I know people that do paper mache use something to weather/water proof their stuff so i would assume you will get an answer from one of them realtively soon. Although what Frankie's Girl suggested seems pretty promising.

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I've heard that Drylok (masonry waterproofer) is popular in papier mache, and I imagine it would work on cardboard. If it's corrugated, I think I'd take a sealant like paintable caulk or Liquid Nails adhesive and work it into the little cell spaces around the edges to prevent water from getting in between the layers. That would be a PITA, but it would help keep the water out...

Cool tree, BTW!

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question in regard to your trees

Hello. I too am getting on halloween- this year! I was wondering if you would like to sell the trees. I was thinking about purchasing the ones on spirit halloween, but they are kinda pricey and I'm on a pretty strict budget, but I think the trees would just be perfect for my reception. Please let me know if you would be interested in selling them and for how much. Thank you!
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