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Not sure if this has been posted before...but this is a great site for cardboard props - Mr. McGroovey's Box Rivets

Although I haven't tried these yet, I am considering building the maze

Last year we built a pirate ship for my son's birthday and tried to use brass fasteners
to hold it together...the heads on these are just too narrow and they kept slipping through - we had to reinforce with staples :(.

Hopefully these rivets will do a better job.

Anyway I am considering building 2 mazes for my son's birthday to be used as part of a relay race. I plan to add a "roof" on top of the maze to make it darker (and harder) - possible also cut the height down as well to make them crawl through...but I can see how these can easily be adopted for Halloween - as they have plans for a pirate ship, barn, train, etc.
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