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Today at Menard's I got yet another set of solar-powered lights, this time with a $7 coupon/rebate bringing the price way down to $20! The last set I recently bought went into my Spookmobile car, illuminating the creep I leave in the passenger side of the front seat as I park the car along rt. 78 , a mere two blocks from my house.
The solar collector is only maybe 9 by 6 inches, black plastic, it seems to be doing it's job by just being situated in my front window. I now own one for the Pteradacyl, one on the tower, one on the Skull at the front of the house, another at the Cupola, the previously mentioned car interior and the new one will illuminate my sort of Steam-punk battleship that takes the place of the two tree-bushes we lost to Winter-kill which gave us some privacy and kept people from jumping the short guard rail and bouncing across our little yard.
These lights have a die-cast aluminum shell with metal stakes if sticking them into the ground is what you need, with ample feet of wire , pre-wired just screw the connectors together.
They do their task automatically. on and off when they are supposed to and very sensitive to the light to allow that feature to happen.
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