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Candy - Do you have enough?

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I had to get 3 more bags last night and some tootsie pops. I ran out making treat bags.

They really cut the amount down in the bags this year.

Anyone else notice this?
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I have 288 full sized chocolate bars, 248 lollipops, and going to buy 150 mini comic books today. I shpuld be prepared!
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We've got about 300 pieces right now... We only get about 30 trick or treaters... I'd say anybody that comes to the house tonight is going to make out pretty well :D
I'm afraid if we do or not - last few years the count has been growing, and this year I'm worried we'll have a huge boost in numbers.
I have enough for about 1000 - 1100 ToT'ers, but I'm wondering if it's going to be enough.

Should be interesting to see.
I have tons of candy--given the weather, I fear I'm going to end up with way too much of a surplus when all is said and done.
We have only gotten 5-10 ToTers for the past several years. We are at the end of the block with a very busy street crossing us and I think that's why, but I also suspect the poor lighting at the house next to us, then poor lighting at ours (kids just assume nobody's home and they can't see my house past the neighbor's) so this year I have some green and blue spotlights. :) So I got, hm....maybe 35 bars? Plus a package of Snickers. Crossing my fingers for more ToTers this year!

We give out the full-size. :)
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