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Candy Candy Candy So much Candy!

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So I just went and stocked up on candy for this year's ToT's.

My question for yall is how much do yall normally buy and how much do you give each ToT? Do you just reach in and give them a handful? Let them reach in and get their own or give each a set number of pieces?

Just curious as to how everyone else does it.

I just got 425 pieces for $20 and I dont know if that will be enough.

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What do you guys do with the leftover candy/chips? Last year was a rain out so I we got no tot'ers, I couldn't keep the candy in the house because I would have given myself a case of type 2 diabetes by the end of the night so I walked over to an office building near me and tossed it all into the dumpster.
Well....you eat a bag of chips and walk on the treadmill....

Eat a snickers bar and run on the treadmill.....

Eat caramel corn popcorn balls, licorice and salt water taffy.....vomit profusely cuz that stuff is disgusting....
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I only give one because we get anywhere from 800 to 1000 but I also have a walk through so that's a bonus too, anyway it's not like I'm the only house they hit, 95% are "bused in"
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Living in the same neighborhood as last year except one black over.
Expecting maybe 40 to 50 ToTs this year since Halloween is on a Friday.
Plus my landlord is doing a Haunted Trail next door. He rented cotton
candy and sno-cone machines, so I'm not sure how many he's expecting.

I'll be buying the treats this week and I usually buy a huge bag of mixed candies
and as a rule, hand out maybe 4 to 5 pieces to everyone in costume. :)
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