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ok so Im doing something way different than usual and I was also wondering how many pieces of candy to put inside individual bags. Ive never done that before.

I got fresh made individual cotton candy and am putting those along with some candy in treat bags. ( If you need cotton candy pm me and Ill tell you where to get the tastiest cotton candy youve ever had. )

So I put the cotton candy in then;
1 peep marshmellow (individual wrapped)
1 baggy sour patch kids
1 something peanut buttery (like reeses or butterfinger)
1 each of 2 different flavors of saltwater taffy.
1 gooey marshmallow eyeball
1 something chocolate
1 skittles pack

so about 9-10 pieces of candy that includes the cotton candy. Is this too much? I usually hand out about 3-4 pieces per person (adults/kids) and I can have anywhere from 30-150 handouts, plus repeaters.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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