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I only get about 150 kids. Which is huge for my tiny little neighbourhood.

I let the little wee ones choose their own. I have small chocolate bars for them. Smarties (chocolate buttons - not the American candies) are a favourite with 3 year olds :)

For the kids who will grab everything in the bowl, the 6 to 10 year olds, I give them either a full sized chocolate bar or three small ones. I put it in their bags.

For the 10+ year olds, I may or may not let them choose. I usually let a group of girls choose, they are very good about not being greedy. Boys, in a group, no way. I put it in their bags.

I only buy chocolate. Today I spent about $150 on chocolates. I try to buy a little extra, but I am usually scraping the bowl by 8pm. No one is allowed to open the choccies before Halloween. By pain of death. :)

I do not buy cheap candy. All that stuff usually doesn't get eaten. I remember as a kid and when my lads were TOTing, all those odd candies like wax lips, those horrible halloween kisses, hard candies, stale bags of chips (dear gawd, check the sell by dates!) that got thrown out. My neighbour hands out juice boxes and granola bars. She is lucky her house hasn't been TPed.

If I had 500 kids, I would probably still buy the same things. I want to make halloween AWESOME for kids!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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