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So we finished up a few more props last night...sort of. Missy finished off 4 more sets of flicker candles, so we have 5 total clusters now, and I "finished" adding the pneumatics and controls to my MIB coffin stack. yes yes, I know...I'll need to post a video. I need to buy a card to get the video off our miniDV camera to the laptop still... but until then, here are a few pics from last night with Missy's candles partying with the coffins.

The coffins are made from old pallets, and since they are not for holding anything, I only made them 5-feet long and rather thin. the top one is chained shut and does the typical monster in a box stuff with red lights inside and all. More details on that when the video comes.

I may change that lock out for something more "antiquey"...not sure yet.
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