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Candle Timer Hack Needed

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So I bought some LED candles with timers to replace the ones I made with pvc and tea lights (they are lovely by the way!) I am so damn tired of going outside and turning on and off 20 tea lights. But unfortunately the new candles with timers only stay lit for for 4 hours. Turning them on at 6 means I have to turn them back on again at 10pm. The rest of the yard is set to turn off at midnight.

Is there a way to hack into the timer and change the setting for length of time?
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yes, I suppose that is probably what I am going to have to learn to do. I have ZERO electrical ability and get lost terribly when trying to follow a tutorial or discussion. I was hoping this was easier. Alas..... I believe me next off season will be spent studying electrical stuff.
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