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I don't think this thread exists yet so here we go. It seems Canadian Tire has released their lineup for 2017. Lots of awesome new things here..

Firstly they will be carrying both of the new Gemmy Floating Ghosts
IMG_0897.jpg IMG_0900.jpg

Next we have a lifesize Reaper which I believe is made by Magic Power

They'll also have the Magic Power animated Projector and Animated Gargoyle which are also available at Big Lots and Spirit Halloween
IMG_0903.jpg IMG_0902.jpg

Also this cool Lighted Singing Pumpkin which I believe is Gemmy

A lifesize animated ghost lady and haunted tree
IMG_0906.jpg IMG_0905.jpg

Some cool new Gemmy LED neon pieces
IMG_0918.jpg IMG_0917.jpg

And lastly some inflatables
IMG_0908.jpg IMG_0907.jpg IMG_0909.jpg
IMG_0910.jpg IMG_0911.jpg IMG_0912.jpg

That's all that caught my eye but feel free to check out the website and see what else you can find! http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/halloween-fall-decor.html
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