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I just came back from vacation. I took a lot of great pictures while experimenting with my new camera. I came across an old abandoned building and thought it would be an interesting subject for a few shots. The picture I uploaded to this thread is one of them. It's a window at the side of the building (I thought the "kitchen witch was kind of cute"). Later on that evening when I was looking through the pictures I took that day, I noticed something odd about the glass in the window. When I zoomed in closer I was kind of creeped out. What do you think? Can you see it too or is it just my imagination?


DPP_0176 close up.jpg
DPP_0176 close up 3.jpg
DPP_0176 close up 2.jpg
DPP_0176 close up 4.jpg
DPP_0176 close up 5.jpg

OK, here is what I see. (I am not the greatest at drawing with my mouse)

DPP_0176 close up with drawing.jpg

DPP_0176 close up 2 with drawing.jpg

DPP_0176 close up 3 with drawing.jpg


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