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Can someone PLEASE help me find this pumpkin stencil?

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My wife is in dire search of the Annabelle pumpkin stencil for her office Halloween party, and she wants to have the pumpkin that no one else does. They all have to take a carved pumpkin in. We are looking for anyone who could possibly draw it or knows where to find one. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Annabelle from the conjuring
Yes, Annabelle from the movie Annabelle and The Conjuring.
Stoneykins has one! Search "conjuring" in their search bar :)
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The pattern is available over at Stoneykins: http://www.stoneykins.com/Patterns/products/Annabelle-The-Conjuring.html

Edited: Oops, I see now that moony_1 had just posted re: same.
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Thanks to both of you! Thanks Thanks Thanks!
zombie pumpkins now also has a version but its only in the VIP section
Thanks! That's the one I want. The other one is too much to do, lol. I will have to check out the zombie pumpkin one. Thanks!
It's gonna be kinda costly for the pattern since you have to buy the vip membership which is $20 but a portion of that is for charity
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