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Can I pay a local store to surface plexiglass with one way and two way mirror film?

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Thinking of doing an endless hallway effect in my yard haunt mausoleum. Noticed I had an unused 24" x 48" piece of plexiglass, with its anti-scratch paper still affixed. Being manually / dextrously a bit challenged, and seeing some videos of people applying that Gila privacy mirror film to glass, I thought: there's no way in hell I'll be able to DIY and get it right.

Can I outsource the work to someone else? Who should I ask for quotes who'd do this? An auto shop that does window tinting? And if so, is there a certain brand / type / grade / "color" of tint I should request?

I do have a normal mirror that could be placed at the rear of my mausoleum. But it's affixed to some really heavy wood. And my mausoleum is constructed from very light, cheap, HDX brand black plastic shelving from Home Depot. And getting that rear piece to stand up straight could be an accident waiting to happen. Mirror is at the bottom page of the following thread:

So I'm thinking plexiglass is more feasible. Even if I have to deal with the "bowing". It's lighter and safer. Surfacing two sheets of it, one as a regular mirror, and one as the see-through mirror, is the issue if I have to DIY. I'm in the Raleigh, NC area if anyone knows an auto shop or glass company that could do the work for me. Can't imagine it would be very expensive.

Would normally make this a Father-in-Law-Do project; he's a snowbird and is a wizard when it comes to building physical, non-electronic things. But his migration arrival this year is only a day or two before Halloween Night. Not enough time, in my mind, to experiment and deploy for this season. On the other hand, he could do the prep work for Halloween 2015...

What say you fellow Haunters? Time is short.
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Check any window tinters in your area. They should be able to do that for you. Not real sure about the plexi-glass though. I would think it would have to be fairly thick, maybe 3/8" or better? It's worth a try...............

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Thanks everyone. Will keep in my Back Pocket for 2015. Time is running out. Need to test my Thunder and Lightning effect. Then, if able to deploy at all, do a projection effect in my Home Depot plastic-shelving based Mausoleum. Then the pressure is off and I can play with an endless hallway effect for next year.
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