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First, welcome to the board!! Good to have ya here. :)

This sounds like a really fun idea actually! A really elaborate take on the killer game that is discussed in another thread. In that game, everybody who arrives at the party takes a paper out of a bowl when they arrive. One paper has "Murderer" on it, and the rest have "Victim" and the way they will "die" (ie: laughing to death, dancing to death, etc.).

The "Murderer" is then supposed to go around and "kill" as many people as possible at the party by winking at them. Once a victim has been winked at, they must wait five minutes before actually performing their death. (And some have suggested having prizes for the best acted death, just to make sure everybody does act out their death for the fun of all party guests. lol) This five minutes gives the killer time to move away and not be caught, btw.

Everybody is then instructed not to discuss who they think the murderer might be, but they can make a guess by writing it down on a piece of paper with the time they make their guess, and put it into a new bowl. (Once you are dead, you cannot guess, obviously) The person who has the first correct guess wins the game, if nobody guesses right, the murderer wins.

However, if you are hoping for some predetermined outcome with a whole story already done and ready to go... Hmmm... I'm not exactly sure how those work. I've never done a mystery "who dun it" type of game before. Hopefully somebody else on here can help with ideas for that?

I'm not sure if that helps with what you are doing, but maybe it can start the creative ball rolling? :) We'd be happy to brain storm with ya!
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